Side Nets

Viper Side Net- Originally designed to work with the RT4009HRV seat. Offers additional angled / side protection. Can be used in other Racetech seat applications. Comes with quick pull disconnect and ratchet assembly. Required in SCCA/PRO Race Series.

The drivers net works with or w/o head restraint seats to limit travel of drivers head and upper torso in a angled side or frontal impact. Ribbon style shown.

$105.00 per net
$10.00 each guide

Required for NASA Racing effective July 2007.
Page 67, See

Have been crash tested to 50 and 70g side impacts
Our Nets REDUCE Neck Tension by 60-70% in Multiple Seat Systems and HANS Device (see SAE Paper 2004-01-3513)
Why Do I Need A Side Net?
Video of Crash W/O a Net
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Viper Side Net
Side Mount Guides
Side Mount Guides. Designed for use with Viper Side Net and Rt4009HRV "Viper Seat" 2nd Photo shows installation on Viper Seat Head Restraint

Recomended Install
Recomended Install
Mount Close Up
Viper Seat Side